XT Content Management System A powerful, easy to use content management system for web developers. Easy to Install & Easy to Use Flexible Web Design Integration Powerful CMS FeatureWe s & E-Commerce Functionality Optimized Performance & SEO

E-Commerce Shopping Cart System

Run an e-commerce website complete with full shopping cart system allowing you to easily sell your products online.

Customer / User Management

User accounts, regsitration and login functionality. Setup user groups and restrict access to certain areas of your website. Stay in touch with your users/customers using the built in mailer system.

Contact Forms

Easily add contact forms to any page using just one simple tag.

Unlimited Pages & Content

Create and update as many pages, categories articles and products as you want. With no limtations you can efficiently run websites with any number of pages or products.

Remote Admin Access

Update website content easily from any location using your favourite browser. Supported browsers include Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Chrome.

Content Management & E-Commerce

XT-CMS is a self-hosted PHP CMS with built-in ecommerce shopping cart functionality. The CMS allows you to easily add web pages, make blog posts, update content and sell products on your website. With XT-CMS, Web designers can offer their clients a powerful and easy to use CMS for their websites.
Browser Email Contact Form Web Pages Shopping Cart Users


Keep your website fresh and up to date with your latest news and blog content. Allow users to comment on your posts with moderation options.
Xara Web Designer

Web Design Freedom

XT-CMS doesn’t require you to change your web design methods, instead you simply insert special tags and class names into your existing web page designs where you want to display dynamic content. The CMS works with frameworks such as Foundation, Bootstrap and Materialize and also works seemlessly with WYSIWYG web design programs such as Xara Web Designer, CoffeeCup Site Designer and Adobe Dreamweaver. Combine the speed and design freedom of your favourite framework or web design software with a full featured CMS. It’s the best of both worlds!


Download the CMS and install and run on your own website’s hosting server. (PHP 5.x / PHP 7.x required)
Works with Xara Web designer & other popular web design software.
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