XT-CMS Support

Check out the videos, guides and tutorials below for help with installing and using the CMS.

If you have any questions or need further help go to the community forum or contact us directly.

For frequently asked questions read our FAQ page.


CMS Guides & Tutorials

XT-CMS Installation Guide (pdf) - installing the CMS for the first time

XT-CMS Update Guide (pdf) - updating to a newer version of the CMS

XT-CMS User Guide (pdf) - explains how each page in the CMS admin area works and covers other related aspects of the CMS

Friendly URLs (blog post) - URL slugs and how to setup friendly URL's

Third Party Web Design Software & Editors (WYSIWYG)

Xara + CMS Guide & Tutorial (pdf) - using Xara Web Designer or Xara Designer Pro with the CMS


Developer Assistance

Developer assistance is available should you need us to install, upgrade or configure the CMS directly via FTP on your website. This support service is supplementary to email support which is made available to all customers.


Video Tutorials

Watch a playlist of CMS tutorial videos below. For more videos subscribe to our Youtube channel.

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