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CMS for Beginners - Guide / FAQ
The online world of web design and web development is full of acronyms and jargon so let's take a moment to explain some of the basics (in relation to content management systems) which are often taken for granted by more experienced web developers.... read more
14th June 2022 by Admin
XT-CMS V3 Released
Version 3 of XT-CMS is now officially released and available to download here. This major update is a culmination of new features and improvements made over the last two years and to celebrate this milestone the CMS can be purchased with a 15% disco... read more
20th May 2022 by Admin
Implementing a Content Management System
When implementing a CMS for the first time; it is important to understand how it dynamically serves up web pages. If this is not your first time implementing a CMS then the following article may also provide a welcome refresher on the fundamentals. ... read more
20th May 2020 by Admin
New release XT-CMS V2.1.3
We are excited to announce a new release version of XT-CMS. Below are the highlights of what’s new in this version. UI & UX Improvements Section CategoriesIt is now possible to set a category as a section. Section categories are visuall... read more
9th April 2020 by Admin
Adding Custom Code to Web Pages
Adding new pages and content is easy when using XT-CMS but sometimes a situation will arise where some custom code needs to be inserted into a web page. This could be a snippet of HTML code, some CSS styling, javascript or perhaps embedding a third p... read more
23rd November 2019 by Admin
Cache Control & Filename Fingerprinting
Whether browsing the internet on a computer, phone or tablet; caching is something we have all heard of and most of us have at some stage come across the advice to clear our browser's cookies and cache. But for web developers a deeper understanding o... read more
11th November 2019 by Admin
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