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XT-CMS Dev Blog - CMS Backup & Restore
The next upcoming version of XT-CMS will include an overhaul to how processes are run. Two of the most important processes that the CMS uses are the backup and restore processes, and in this blog post we will talk a bit how these have worked in the p... read more
8th August 2019 by Admin
Improve Website SEO & Navigation with Friendly URLS
What is a Friendly URL? A Friendly URL is essentially a web page URL that does not end with a file extension. Friendly URLs typically consist of just words, forward slashes and hyphens to space words so they're more human readable and easier to reme... read more
30th July 2019 by Admin
New XT-CMS V2 Released
We’ve just released v2 of our easy to use but (now even more) powerful CMS! You can download the latest version right now at the link below (for PHP5 and now for PHP7 too). Download XT-CMS If you’re upgrading from an older version of t... read more
24th July 2019 by Admin
XT-CMS V2 What's New?
It’s been a while since our last major release version of XT-CMS but rest assured during this time we’ve been working hard on new improvements and will soon be releasing the new and improved XT-CMS v2.So what’s new in the upcoming v... read more
15th July 2019 by Admin
Hello and welcome to our blog where we will post news and development updates on XT-CMS. We'll also post tips, guides and probably even the some useful tutorial videos on how to use the CMS on your website. In the mean time don't forget to also chec... read more
11th July 2019 by Admin
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