CMS Developer Assistance & Support


Developer assistance is available if you need hands-on help installing and setting up the CMS on your website. This support service is supplementary to the free email support we provide to all of our customers. Developer assistance can be purchased with the CMS or at anytime afterwards should you need it.

  • Developer assistance and priority email support for 30 days (renew anytime as needed)

Remote assistance and guidance with the following:

  • Installation or upgrade of the CMS
  • Configuration of the CMS for http or https secure website
  • Setup of htaccess file and enabling of friendly URLs
  • Assistance with mobile and desktop themes, page templates and CSS styling

Once your order is placed we will email you shortly afterwards requesting ftp details so we can upload the CMS files to your web server and make changes as needed. Existing files on your server won't be deleted but some files and folders may need to be renamed. Please ensure you have a backup of your website files.

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