XT-CMS Content Management System
Xara + CMS Demo Websites
Xara Responsive Website and CMS Demo
Xara Responsive Website Design + CMS This demo site shows the CMS delivering dynamic content in repsponsive web page designs exported from Xara Web Designer 10.
Xara Website and CMS Demo
A Xara Website Design+ CMS This demo site shows the cms delivering dynamic content in a website design exported from Xara Designer Pro 9. On this site the CMS uses a server side method to deliver both desktop and mobile theme variants depending on the device used to view the website.

Demo Websites

To view a live demo of XT-CMS working with a website design published from Xara Web Design software click on one of the links below. Did you Know? The XT-CMS website was designed in Xara Designer Pro and also runs on it's own CMS!
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