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XT-CMS V2 What's New?

15th July 2019 by Admin

It’s been a while since our last major release version of XT-CMS but rest assured during this time we’ve been working hard on new improvements and will soon be releasing the new and improved XT-CMS v2.

So what’s new in the upcoming v2? Well read below to see some of the major new changes and features.

Admin Area Improvements

In version 2.0 the admin area has received a major overhaul for both desktop and mobile. It’s still the same familiar and easy to use interface but with lots of refinements and improvements so new and existing users will have no trouble finding their way around.

First up, no more pinch zooming the desktop admin area on mobile devices. Now you can login to a streamlined mobile version of the admin area on your smartphone to keep an eye on things on the go and make quick changes. Desktop mode still provides all the features and functionality you need to carry out bigger tasks and desktop/mobile view can be toggled on either device. Performance optimisations have also been made to the HTML, CSS and scripts in the admin area for even faster page loads.

Some of the other new changes made to the admin area include:

  • Tidier UI with new icons
  • Dedicated textareas for editing your site’s Terms, Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy
  • GDPR options and popup/dismiss cookie notice feature
  • Easily duplicate categories, articles, products, subscriptions, coupons etc.
  • Can now edit items on an order, no longer have to remove and re-add item
  • Block IP address feature
  • Colour coded system log with new Refresh, Print and Delete buttons

and much more!

More Responsive

Everything in 2.0 is now more responsive, not just the admin area. For example product listings that used to be displayed in a table layout now adhere to a more responsive design layout. These new responsive layouts should work well with most page designs and you can fully change the layouts as you see fit by customising the layout and CSS files to use whatever layout method you want.


PHP7.x is now supported and of course you can still run the CMS on PHP5.x too.

Bug Fixes & General Improvements

In addition to the major new features above a lot of bug fixes and general improvements have been made during the 2.0 development cycle.

We're looking forward to bringing you this new and improved version very soon, so keep an eye on our social media channels to get notified on release!

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