Download XT-CMS (Beta Version)

Download the latest beta version of XT-CMS below. Or to download previous stable version click here.

When installed the CMS will default to trial mode and can be activated with a licence file (purchase here).

For other PHP versions use the following download links: PHP 8.1 / PHP 5.6

Note it is recommended to install the beta version to it's own folder and use for testing purposes only.

Installation Guides & Support

Get up and running in 5 easy steps with the CMS installation guide (pdf)

More guides and video tutorials for the CMS can be found on the support page.

If you have difficulty installing the CMS on your server please visit the community support forum or contact us for assistance. If you would like us to install and setup the CMS for you we also offer a professional installation service to get everything up and running as quickly as possible.

CMS Install Utility

Use this tool for troubleshooting and to check if your hosting setup meets the requirements to run XT-CMS.

  1. Download the CMS Install Utility and extract the folder/files to your computer
  2. Upload the cms_install_utility folder/files to your host
  3. Visit the cms_install_utility/index.php page in your browser


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